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D&D 3E
Human Fighter: 1st Level Feats - starting character - Combat… 
8th-Oct-2004 04:37 pm
Human Fighter:

1st Level Feats - starting character - Combat Expertise
Being Human - Dodge
Fighter bonus feat - Exotic Weapon Proficiency - Spiked Chain
2nd Level Fighter Feat - Mobility
3rd Level feat - Held until 4th level, then Spring Attack
4th Level fighter feat - Whirlwind attack
6th Level - Weapon Focus - Spiked Chain
6th Level Fighter feat - Weapon Specialization - Spiked Chain

I've been trying to do unique fighters for a while. My most recent attempt was a shortsword, tower shield, breast plated Roman Legionnaire. This may not sound unique, but how many characters do you know that went their entire careers with a short sword? Anyway, in once again trying to find a neat concept, I saw the Spiked Chain, and it's ability to attack with reach AND adjacent foes. Combine this with whirldwind attack...and havoc (and fun) ensue. The expertise, rather than being a prerequisite, would have been my first choice anyway...anybody who wants to run up and get swarmed and surrounded needs some sort of protection. Even if it costs a bit on his attacks. I'm toying with the idea of picking Monkey Grip up at 8th level. Then I could have a shield too, although that seems a bit...iunno. Though I do like the picture in my head of some guy spinning a 10 foot chain above his head, one handed, daring things to come closer, then mowing them down as they do. I'm also considering replacing the weapon specialization with combat reflexes, or perhaps even putting that in where Dodge is now, and bumping everything up a spot, and bumping specialization till 8th level. Any comments?
8th-Oct-2004 01:56 pm (UTC)
that is pretty original. try doing a Phalanx type character.
8th-Oct-2004 02:02 pm (UTC)
My shortsword guy was originally a Phalanx guy, but everyone else died and I was stuck forming a shield wall by myself. Eventually I conned the wizard of all people into forming a shield wall with me. He got a dancing shield and learned a bunch of touch spells. It actually worked out quite well for both of us. Then he died too :(.
8th-Oct-2004 01:57 pm (UTC)
To the best of my knowledge, you can't "hold" a feat to meet a later prerequisite, so you'd have to take Weapon Focus at 3, Spring Attack at 4, Whirlwind attack at 6th, but someone else may want to verify that.
Unless your DM houserules that you can, that is.
8th-Oct-2004 02:07 pm (UTC)
We've houseruled you can hold feats for the longest time now. We originally did it for spellcasters, because some of the item creation feats don't match up as well, especially if they multi classed into it, but now we all do it on a regular basis.
8th-Oct-2004 02:10 pm (UTC)
I was thinking that, but I do like his point on the fact that magic item creation feats don't fit well often for the multi-classed; still, it would be weird for a character to "hold" feats forever and then suddenly gain five supernatural abilities overnight. ^_^
8th-Oct-2004 02:24 pm (UTC)
Instead of "holding" the feat, pick up Weapon Focus at 3rd level...houserule or not.

The extra +1 to hit, at that early of a level, helps a lot...especially when you can hit from 10 ft away.

You're other party members will appreciate it, with you being the front line and hitting things 5ft before a normal weapon weilding fighter would.

Other things to consider:

Weapon Finese (having Dodge, a high Dex, and some Dex boosting item (gloves of dex) could help)

Power Attack/Cleave. With the new rules for weilding a weapon 2 handed (which you must do with a Spiked Chain), the damage can add up quick. Cleaving at 10ft reach is just nuts. Kill someone 10 ft away and cleave someone 5ft diagonal to you...wow.

Power Critical (from Complete Warrior). When you roll within threat range, you add +4 to "back up" the critical. Nice!

Hit points hit points hit points...without a shield you may get hit...often...Toughness...Improved Toughness...etc.

Remember: Keen and Improved Critical no longer stack. If you have money I would get it magically keen, and use the feat for something else.

Iron Will: Do you want to be charmed into attacking your party members?

Stat suggestion: Dex, Str, Con, Wis, Int, Cha
Good job.

8th-Oct-2004 02:33 pm (UTC)
If I were *anybody* else other than myself, I'd agree about the focus. But I have the extraordinary ability to either miss, or threaten a crit. There's almost no in between, heh. I roll 18+ and 3 or less, almost exclusively. I don't know why. I don't know how. It sucks, as a string of 1s can quite easily get you in a whole world of shit.

The more I think about it though, Combat Reflexes seems to be worth picking up, and screw holding the feat. As far as Dex, I'm thinking this will necessitate wearing the heaviest armor I can find, preferably full plate, so Dex probably won't do me any good. I was thinking about the Cleave chain, but most of the time, there are better things to pick up early on, and by the time I'd get around to getting it, you usually aren't cleaving, and if you do, you sure aren't doing it more than once. More useful, IMHO, are the two weapon fighting/shield bash/something that gives you more attacks all the time rather than if and when you happen to kill something feats.

And as far as books out of the Complete Warrior, where possible I try to play solely out of the PH, because we've had and thought up a ton of broken combinations that can quickly get way out of hand when combining, for example, Rokugan and Sword and Fist. That fact is one of the few reasons I don't replace Mobility with Monkey Grip. Still and all, looking cool is by far the most important aspect of a character, so I may yet change my mind.
8th-Oct-2004 06:36 pm (UTC) - Feats
Combat Reflexes is a HUGE feat to take when you work with reach weaponry. Having the Dex to support it can make for a very deadly fighter. If you get the chance, see if you can sneak a peek at the Gladiator Class in Kerzner & Co. "Kingdom's of Kalamar" book. I was in a game in that setting where I first saw a spiked chain put to such deadly use.
8th-Oct-2004 05:03 pm (UTC)
We had a guy that made a character a lot like this. He used Combat Reflexes and a high dex to get AOO up the wazzoo. Then he got Improved Trip and stuff... basically if anything came within 10' of him it was tripped, and then whenever it tried to stand up he'd get another AOO and trip it again :p

It was insanely overpowered... we eventually made him get rid of the character because no one else was min/maxing like that, and it wasn't fun for the beginners in the group who were just trying to hit things.
8th-Oct-2004 07:07 pm (UTC)
I ran a guy like this. I was disarming and tripping anything on two feet. Trouble came when I ofught anything on four or more feet. I made sure to pick up Weapon Spec for those occasions. Also I got the DM to approve the Manriki-Gusari, which appeared in the d20 Modern book and also in Savage Species as a weapon for Kytons. It's really just a length of chain with weighted ends. the differences between it and spiked chain are bludgeoning instead of slashing damage and the ability to choke up on it to make a double weapon instead of a reach weapon. Versatility!
8th-Oct-2004 09:40 pm (UTC) - just a little bit off topic...
...but I have to ask. Do you have some kind of strong liking towards spinny electric toothbrushes or something? Your icon says yes...but I want to know...
8th-Oct-2004 10:15 pm (UTC) - Re: just a little bit off topic...
It's a long story. A very long story. And, in short, I got yelled at on another group for my *old* icon, and being the lazy forgetful chap that I am, I decided to just switch the default to some random GIF I had saved on my desktop for no reason whatsoever.

And about the overpowered aspect, I worry he could get overpowered, but it seems like one of those characters you could quite easily handicap with no effort. And, again, that's why we all, and I, try to stick to the Player's Handbook. It may look/sound/appear broken, but really I'm giving up a lot for the intended feat selection. Now granted, by and if I reach 12th level, there won't be many useful feats I don't have, but so it goes with any fighter, really. And I don't plan to min max my stats or anything, all I need is 15 Dex, and 13 Int, and, if I do get Power Attack etc etc, Str 13 too. I may even put a nice score in Cha and throw some skill points into intimidate. I think it would be quite fitting :).

As far as Prestige Classes, I *really* don't see going for any, the absolute most I can see doing is multi classing a bit into, perhaps, Barbarian. Raging whirlwind of Chainy Death has a certain visual appeal. It's also hella cool.
9th-Oct-2004 01:13 am (UTC)
If only you could play a Large race with a Huge Spiked Chain.

What setting are you using? There are some regional feats in the Faerun setting that can really help a spiked chain fighter.
9th-Oct-2004 12:39 pm (UTC)
Might i suggest En Arsenal: Spiked Chain, a 3$ pdf from En Publishing?

It has tons of ideas;feats and material for the spiked chain fan.
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