night-owl (inncubus) wrote in dnd3e,

Some people wanted more info on my odd campaign before commenting in any way, here it is.

If there's anything else specific you want to know/question/laugh at, feel free to ask; and thanks for the help so far, some interesting ideas.
Ok, as I said it's a weird group; but I wanted something that was going to be interesting, show up some of the rules that haven't cropped up in the more serious campaigns that are going on at the moment, and be able to be run as and when. My original plan was to just do it as H+S dungeon bash type things infrequently(when one of the other games gets cancelled for whatever reason); now I've actually come up with some long term plot ideas as well, so anything could happen.

We started off at lvl 13 with:

Succubus Paladin, (good background and concept so I allowed it) lvl 2 paladin.

Doppleganger Thief(now thief/assasin) level 5 thief.

Githzerai Monk, level 11 monk.

Pixie Sorcerer, level 7 sorcerer.

Elf Arcane Archer, 1 wizard; 3 Elf paragon(UA);some ranger ;some weapon scion; some Arcane archer.(very irregular player, so I can't remember much about the character)

Paladin had a +2 greatsword.
Thief had Shadow armour with "silent movement" added.
Monk had a monks belt.
Sorcerer had +1 shortbow and +1 dagger.
Elf, funky legendary weapon thing.

We're, sort of, Forgotten Realms, but with other bits and bobs from other places being included too; particularly extra planar movement being a factor later.

Having done some quite interesting things, and gaining some rather powerful enemies etc; they're now 15th level(equivalent of, not class levels each:))

Now, we've got a new player(to this game) joining, who is playing a Pseudodragon-a 10th level cleric of Hlal(a dragon god of jokes and storytelling, who quite likes other races).
She's a lot less "powerful" in combat matters than the other members of the party, D3 damage(with poison possible) but does have an ok AC and the most HPs in the group(109).

The whole group has recently picked up a fair amount of cash and items(we've just done the adventure "Into the Dragon's Lair") which they get to keep some of; the Monk decided that magic was a crutch and he should be self-reliant, so has given up the items and invested in starting a training monestary near Arabel(in Cormyr).

I'm after giving the Pseudodragon something interesting not necessarily powerful, but that will help her feel the equal of the rest of the group; she's taken tracking as one of her feats which means she's of some use once she's out of spells too.

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