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The time has come! The tables have turned, the seasons have changed... and I'm not a DM anymore! XD Despite enjoying the part of God, I can't wait til I can play up my PC. See, I had a SL going... but all of a sudden, I forgot where I had it headed (that may have been because we didn't play for a month due to a death in my family and such). So due to my brainblock, we were at a standstill... and last week we even attempted to start a different campaign, same world (we all made up our own world... if I can ever figure out how to get images in my LJ, I'll show ya the map)- basically, I was DM, and my boys made up different characters- same time, different places. Events intertwined, so it would have been cool... but it just was very hard to start up at the last second. So, we all sat down the other night, and figured that it was time for a change. So, same world yet again, yet centuries in the past. And I wasn't gonna be the DM this time, which was fine with me. I'd much rather be a PC, and Justin, the former PC/now DM might have a better time at it than I did. So... tomorrow night til Sunday, everyone's camping at my house for an overnight D&D session. If any of y'all happen to be in the Laurel, MD area, gimme a holla! Can't wait!

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