Kourtnie (spriksie) wrote in dnd3e,

Looking for D&D Players in Orange County

I am currently starting a D&D v3.5 campaign (first session will be October 24th, consecutive sessions will be every two weeks on Sundays from either 1:00-6:00 or 2:00-7:00.) I have four players so far, one or two of them in which will possibly miss sessions once in awhile, so I need more stable players to add to the group. The game is located in Orange County, California. Please post if you or anyone you know if possibly interested.

You can get information about the campaign from these two sources: shining_citadel (previously shiningcitadel before I got the bright idea to make a community) and Shining Citadel website.

(My computer crashed while trying to post this, so forgive me if it comes up twice...it doesn't look like it made it through the first time.)

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