Michael (zeroepyon) wrote in dnd3e,

Hello All

I would just like to say hello to all the members in the Dnd 3e comm. I've been playing D&D for about 3 years now i think and playing Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights off and on this past month. My characters mostly consists of Humans but i tend to change to a different race depending on the class I chose to be. For Humans I mostly play as the Monk or Thief and then prestige class into a Shadowdancer other than that I usual play as a Elven Ranger prestige classed into a "Order of the Bow" or Assassin. So far being the only few people left in the my original group that still wants to play, (out of 8 people, only 3 remain) I look like a idiot just rolling a D20 on the table for nothing. Anyway, I glad that I found this comm, and I'm looking forward to reading your ideas or whatnot about DnD or FR.


P.S. If anyone know of a good two PC storyline let me know, I would like to hear it.

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