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Monsters of ROCK!

So, it's been quiet lately.

Over the decades, there's been hundreds and hundreds of monster entries, from time-tested fan faves to critters which simply don't get much use. Sheer statistical weight dictates that at least some of those C-listers and D-listers are totally badass.

I'm curious; what monsters do people think are totally cool and deserve more "face time" as the Loyal Opposition?
Black Mage

Question, 3.5, PHB II: Regroup

Hello all! I have a question about the spell Regroup from the PHB II, D&D version 3.5.

Background: We're a 22nd-23rd level party: rogue, warlock/low wizard, druid, paladin[freedom] of Kord, and me, a cleric/sorcerer Mystic Theurge (of Orboros, which in this universe is one of the two deities of the elves).

Our party in general, and my character in specific, is very big on battlefield control tactics. (I also like economy-of-actions games, and sometimes end up doing 5+ "actions" in a round. It's fun.) Baleful Transposition, Bigby's Grasping Hand (aka Enveloping Wings of Orboros), bull rushing mooks into Prismatic get the idea.

The sorcerer/wizard spell list in this world is pretty limited (it's loosely based around the Dying Earth sequence by Jack Vance), and so we need DM permission for spells outside the approved list. I recently asked for Regroup, which lets you teleport all of your allies into squares adjacent to you (or nearest equivalent).

It's a 3rd level spell. The DM is hesitant to allow it at this level, because it's awfully good at a lot of things (stuck in lava? grappled by a balor? All solved with Regroup!), and wants to put it at a higher spell level, to balance it out. This has precedent in the magic system: for example, "3.0 Haste" (called Spell of the Slow Hour) is a 5th level spell. (It gives you one standard action that happens at the end of every round, and lasts for 1/2 caster level rounds. I always Extend it when I cast it.)

Any thoughts on what might be an appropriate level for Regroup?

Selling off my gaming collection for charity.

Hey gang,
I am clearing out my closet and selling off a lot of my gaming and book collection with the majority of the money going to charity.  The charities I am supporting are the American Cancer Society, Canine Assistance (a group that trains dogs for disabled people) and a local animal shelter which rescues animals from other shelters before they are put down.

Please check out my auctions and bid if you see something you like.  They are all starting at a penny and I have some rare out of print items up for auction. Tell a friend
Hiro from Heroes

D20 Modern campaign set in the fallout world in michigan

I'm looking for a good idea for a character for this campaign i'm playing in.  We are playing D20 Modern set in the fallout universe in Michigan / the midwest.  There are humans and ghouls. 

In our group so far we have a:

* ghoul smart / dedicated who has high searches, repairs, has power armor and can basically build any weapon he wants like he's working on like a rail gun or like a plasma or laser machine gun.

* dedicated / field medic for healing

* a psychiatrist who is also a doctor (but this player is going to be changing her character soon

* a soldier / negotiator who primary uses guns

* another smart / soldier / gunslinger maybe that uses guns primary.

*my current character is a fast 1 / strong 6 / martial artist 10.   he is a chatholic monk who was expedited from his church and doesn't do drugs or alcohol or smoke and he's basically a goody goody who only kills if they attack first.

So i'm trying to think of a new character to play.  I'm thinking of playing some sort of smart / dedicated character but i want him to be good at something specifically.  and he needs some kind of interesting backstory.

The story is basically that we are a ragtag team of people and there is this group that is controlled by an ghoul, that are called allen's.  they have a metal box in their head that make's it so that the allens dont feel any pain and are way stronger than normal.  the guy that is controlling the group wants to take over the world.  basic fallout nuclear post apocalyptic Apocalypse  like in the game.  the brotherhood and all other factions exist.  the allen's are trying to find pre-war tech to help them take over the world.  we pretty much try to get there first and get the tech before they do.  like for example there was a satellite in orbit that had some nuclear missiles on it and a military radio deploy in ohio that could control the satellite and fire the missiles.  we got there before the allen's, had a firefight, and basically sent one of the missiles into the ocean and the other one at the radio deploy to blow it up while we escaped in an underground tunnel. 

quick spell question

So I'm playing a sorcerer in an upcoming game, and one of my bigger spells is going to be Wings of Flurry from Races of the Dragon. As mean as the spell is (uncapped force damage? Dazed if you fail the reflex save? Nice!), it's in need of some cleaning up. Does anyone know if there was errata on the spell? Barring that, what's everyone's opinions? The main thing I'm stuck on is the area of the spell, and valid targets...

I can post the description if requested.

Another Stab At Sorcerers and Wizards

After reading the comments I definitely think that my last attempt at this was poorly done. I think a lot of you felt that way too. My reasons are still the same: I want to make sorcerers and wizards conceptually different from each other.

My vision is that wizards should be scholarly people who are seldom seen as daring adventurers. The kind of arcane caster that lives alone in a remote tower and studies a lot. Sorcerers, on the other hand, are the more wild and free type. They love adventure more than a sedentary life, and they're a bit more dangerous in a bar fight than a wizard would be.

It seemed to me like the only option to differentiate the classes was to split the spells up. A new possible list looks something like this:

Sor/Wiz: Conjuration, Divination, Universal
Sor: Evocation, Illusion, Necromancy
Wiz: Abjuration, Enchantment, Transmutation

This is a bit more extreme than I proposed before, but I have something new to add to it later. This fits well into what I'm hoping for in several cases, but it leaves a lot of empty spaces because there are a lot of spells that I think should be available to both classes. I had originally tried dividing up the entire spell list by individual spell, but that was just a nightmare. This new list puts the bulk of the spells where I think they should go, but isn't really viable because there are enough important spells that are locked out for one class or another.

My solution is spell level adjustment! Sorcerers are good at the spells on the sorcerer list; better than wizards, so a sorcerer can cast that spell as if it were one spell level lower than the book. That makes magic missile a 0 level spell for a sorcerer, and I do believe I like that. Wizards don't get magic missile until 2nd level, but they get it. Wizards don't get 9th level evocations spells until they can cast 10th level spells, and that seems fine to me as well. If you need a meteor swarm, find a sorcerer! Spells that are on the sorcerer/wizard list retain their normal spell level.

There is still plenty of reasons to take a wizard adventuring, so they don't have to worry about vanishing from the players table. The sorcerers might be able to rattle off damage like a machine gun, but they will be quite a bit more limited when it comes to non-combat utility spells. As a side note, one thing I am heavily considering is adding in a rule that says sorcerers can not write or cast from scrolls. That fits into my notion of how the classes are different, and helps to buff the wizard back up in power.

Play testing this is a long way off. Warren has to finish his campaign, which he said would last 3.5 years (I don't expect it will last near that long) then I'm committed to running a published module series which I'll use stock rules for.

But in the mean time, I subject myself to your comments again, to see what you think about this.
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Changing Spellcasters

As a thought experiment I decided to try and make wizards are sorcerers seem different from one another. As it stands they both do the same thing, but one studies and one doesn't, and they are mostly interchangeable.

I start by declaring that Arcane Spells are of the Divination, Transmutation, and Universal schools. Any sorcerer or wizard can cast spells out of those schools.

The Conjuration school is also available to both sorcerers and wizards, but is not an Arcane spell for reasons I'll get into later.

Sorcerers can cast Evocation spells (plus Arcane spells and Conjuration spells).

Wizards can cast Abjuration and Enchantment spells (plus Arcane spells and Conjuration spells).

Alternatively, both sorcerers and wizards can opt to be either illusionists or necromancers. If this option is taken, then the base spells lists for each class are not available in lieu of either Illusions or Necromancy. They would still get the Arcane spells, but not Conjuration. The choice of sorcerer or wizard for an illusionist or necromancer would determine the basics of how spells work for that particular class.

So available schools look like this:

Sorcerer: Divination, Universal, Transmutation, Conjuration, Evocation
Wizard: Divination, Universal, Transmutation, Conjuration, Enchantment, Abjuration
Illusionist: Divination, Universal, Transmutation, Illusion
Necromancer: Divination, Universal, Transmutation, Necromancy

This makes sorcerers and wizards quite different. I feel bad that wizards can't cast fireball anymore, but their access to Enchantment and Abjuration spells still makes them quite useful.

I'm not sure that illusionists and necromancers should be able to cast Transmutation spells. And perhaps I should move that school out of my Arcane spell class and into both sorcerer and wizard.

Really, Transmutation is a hard one. There are spells in it I'd like to go to wizards, and other spells I'd like to go to sorcerers.

And now, I'd like to hear what all of you think of this thought experiement?


I'm contemplating making a character for the next campaign that I play in based on parkour (or free-running). I realize that both rogue and monk have excellent skills for this. We play a hybrid of 3.0 and 3.5.

Obviously, jump, climb, balance, and tumble are necessities. I was thinking of playing an urban thief, a type of 'second story man' that escapes across roof-tops, so that would add open lock and disable device to the list. I also think that hide and move silently would be good.

I've been looking at the thief-acrobat prestige class from 'Song and Silence' as well, but am undecided if it's exactly what I want. I know I'll need good int and dex for the skills and also decent str for jump and climb.

Any good suggestions for this. With the group I play with, it can go from mostly colour to high-powered gaming, so I'm open to both suggestions.
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Lizardfolk variants and draconic experiments

I'm running anexploration of House Orogoth (FR), and was thinking about having a few 'experiments' nearby to add some flavour. The viletooth and dark talon lizardfolk seem good for this from googling, but as I don't have the books (Dragon Magic and MM4 I think), can anyone give me a feel for their abilities?
House Orogoth were Netherese mages who sought to steal the power of dragons, and the ability to adopt dragon form - thye used to bend dragons to their will and command them to steal from the hoards of other wyrms. They now exist as transformed black dragons i nthe midst of the High Moor. Ophidians were said to be results of their experimentation. So any other ideas for the results of their experiments to suprise the players with? (Looking for EL ~15)

Because Your Help Is Needed

Calling all math people!

(Especially those with a penchant for D&D)

Dungeon Master's Guide II
Wondrous Item
"Vest of Legends"
+5 Diplomacy (continuous)
+5 Perform (continuous)
+5 effective levels for determining Bardic Music effects (use-activated)

Spells used: Eagle's Splendor (2nd level), Greater Heroism (6th level)
Cost: 16,000 GP

What I need to do is figure out how they reached this estimate.

Guidelines for pricing magic items are here:

According to this, the continuous-use skill bonuses are their enhancement squared, times 100 GP, or 2500 GP each. Let's assume that covers the Eagle's Splendor portion of the cost, since there is no actual enhancement to Charisma from this item. Since these are complimentary effects, they are either added to the cost at 75% and 50% each, or both at 50% cost.

The Greater Heroism is more confusing. As a 6th-level spell, an 11th-level Wizard is needed to cast it. This is a command-activated power, since it only works in conjunction with Bardic Music. It also does not actually cast Greater Heroism, but instead provides a portion of the related bonuses in conjunction with the Bardic Music effect (Inspire Courage/Inspire Greatness/Inspire Heroism/Fascinate/Suggestion). So some fraction of the cost must be applied. (For comparison, a ring that allowed the wearer to cast Greater Heroism as an 11th-level caster would cost 6 x 11 x 1800 GP, or 118,800 GP, likely then divided by uses per day)

The DMG II apparently just wanted to be confusing. A much better build would use the 4th-level spell "Protégé" from the Spell Compendium: for the purposes of Bardic Music only, the caster imbues a sentient creature with a Bard level 1/2 his own. Since Bards can cast 4th level spells as 10th-level casters, this would imbue a +5 effective Bardic Music level into the Vest's wearer. Now, I'm still wonky on how you would get the total price down to only 16,000 GP, but at least this method makes more overall sense than using a partial-cast of Greater Heroism.

So, mathematically, how the heck did the DMG II authors estimate the cost for this Vest??

Person who calculates it out using reasonable interpretation of the rules gets an Epic item named after them (or their character)!
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