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D&D 3E
26th-Dec-2002 01:00 am
I recently was fooling around and found this community.

I just wanted to pop in and say hi.

Hmmm what to talk about...

Well, I like to play thieves, but uh I suck at that. >_<
My longest lasting character was a cleric, which was a character I had the DM roll up for me because I thought I was going to be late. But it was cool any ways I made her a pretty cool character for myself.

I like to play more of a comic relief charcter, but not overly ridiculous. That cleric ended up being an excelent example of that. She was overly obsessed with cookies. So instead of create food and water it was create cookies and milk. But she could kick some major butt too, that character was the second longest living one out of the group of 10 people playing. Only a fighter lasted longer then my cleric.

I really haven't had any bad DM experiences, but I have an assload of bad player experiences. Some of the people I have played with were uh to say not playing with a full deck of cards.

The one guy played great, but he was really into reading all the D&D books and stuff and would argue the most pointless crap with our DM. I don't care if he read the book the adventure we are playing is on. Once it is the DM's game the DM can change whatever he likes.

We had someone who was really just dumb. I cannot put it any differently then that. He was like that all the time not just in D&D. No one really wanted to play with him but he was one of the DM's room mates cousion so we couldn't get rid of him. He went though so many characters I can't kid you. And it wasn't like the DM would give him chances to live he got lots but he would still die. Such as the time he was a Paladin in full armour. He had a strige stuck in his back so he decided to just into the raging water to get it off. >_<

And last but not least the guy who makes character not for play but for all stats. Don't get me wrong I love good stats but when you are a Half Celestial Paladin and the rest of your party are normal folk things begin to suck.

I have to say though I have been lucky and blessed with good DMs.
26th-Dec-2002 01:22 pm (UTC)
Create cookies and milk huh? Sounds like a perfect spell for my half-halfling [half-dragon] cleric. Or maybe Create pastries and mead.. hmmm..

Thieves are my favourite type of characters too. I tend to multiclass, and tend to be part thief. That said, my thieves aren't usually actual thieves but sneaky people. Except for Jason. Jason is my favourite character in the world ever. I go on about him constantly. He's incredibly cool. And he's a thief. A very very rich thief. He was even the head of the thieves and assassins guilds. Well, he's actually retired now (both from the campaign and the world of thievery). He *finally* decided family should come before money. That said.. he's rich enough that he never needs to work again.

Rules lawyers can be a pain. It's useful to have other players who know the rules well, but when it comes to the point where they will argue with the GM for 15 minutes because they don't agree with her decision - that's too much. Yes, I've had that happen a lot.

Another "nightmare" player in our session just doesn't pay attention. He's a very good roleplayer, and very fun to play with. But sometimes he just "misses" stuff. We've turned it into a character trait. His super intelligent mage is just a bit absent minded. We actually end up in stitches when he turns round and says "what is blah wearing?" or something like that, after 5 minute long description. But at times it can get very annoying. Sometimes it'd be useful if he actually paid attention!

Sometimes, things such as the Half Celestial Paladin can work, even with a group of "normal" characters. But the monster levels need to be taken into account. My half dragon is only level 12, in a party of mostly level 14/15 characters because of the monster levels. It's quite even. As long as the character is "explained" in *role*play terms, and the GM makes it balanced in other ways, then it's cool. But the GM has to keep the balance somehow [the Half Celestial Paladin has massive sneezing fits around orcs for example ;)]. It can work, but great care has to be taken.

Anyway, I'll stop waffling on now.

Welcome to the community. :)
18th-Jan-2003 08:40 am (UTC)
[the Half Celestial Paladin has massive sneezing fits around orcs for example ;)].

wow, that is a fabulous idea. I was actually laughing out loud at that...*looks around at the other people in her office*... it's okay, they think I'm wierd anyway...
18th-Jan-2003 09:40 am (UTC) - *bows*
I have moments of genius rarely. But they are worth the wait.
18th-Jan-2003 09:48 am (UTC) - Re: *bows*
well, I'll start a tally for you.
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