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D&D 3E
This is a question I've had since the beginning of my DNDing ... When… 
2nd-Sep-2003 01:30 am
This is a question I've had since the beginning of my DNDing ... When multi-classing to a fighter (say your original class is a rogue and you take a fighter level), what exactly do you get for your first level bonuses? I've had various people of various levels of experience in playing give me various answers (I like the word "various").

Like, do you get only one feat? Or one feat plus your bonus feat that fighters get? Or do you get your one feat, your bonus feat for being a fighter, and then the extra bonus feat for being a human? In the Multiclass section of the Player's Handbook on page 56, it doesn't list the initial feat as something you don't get, so I would guess that you would get it.
1st-Sep-2003 10:48 pm (UTC)
The feat you get "at 1st level" is for 1st character level, not 1st class level. Ditto the bonus feat for being human.


You're a 4th-level human rogue. You have 3 feats; 1 everyone gets at 1st level, 1 humans get at 1st level, 1 everyone gets at 3rd level.

You multiclass, and pick up your 1st level of fighter. You're now a 5th-level character. You gain 1 feat, because fighters gain a bonus feat at 1st class level as one of their special class abilities. If you'd multiclassed into, say, a bard, you would not pick up any feats.
1st-Sep-2003 10:50 pm (UTC)
You get all the class bonuses applicable to that level of fighter and the 'generic' bonuses applicable to your overall character level


When you 'add' a level of fighter you gain all bonuses a fighter would gain at that level (if it's your first level of fighter then yes you get that extra feat etc.)

humans get a bonus feat at first 'character' level so no you don't get that.

If your total 'character' level equals a level that would give you a feat usually then you would get one then as well.

Hope this makes sense, if not I'll make a better description later when I have my book handy and can use examples...
1st-Sep-2003 11:19 pm (UTC) - aside from Feats
The responses about Feats are correct, however, aside from Feats, when multiclassing into a new class you gain:
-HP equal to a roll of the hit die for that class (plus or minus any Con modifier), so in this case a d10, note that you do not get automatic maximum result on this die, that only applies to first-level CHARACTERS.

-A point of base attack bonus if it's a warrior-type class (which it is in thise case)

-Better saves; add the bonuses from your new class to your preexisting base saves (in this case, add 2 to your Fort save and leave the other two saves alone)

1st-Sep-2003 11:48 pm (UTC) - You've seen the easy, now here's the hard...
The tricky part for everyone I've talked to comes in the way of skills. Going with the example of the Human ROG4/FGT1...We'll assume average intelligence of 11.

Before taking lvls of FGT you'd have 63 skill points and know how many you could spend where. As a 5th level character you now gain an additional 3 skill points. You can spend them as you see fit.

If a skill is a class skill in either class you can have a maximum of 8 ranks. If its Cross-Class in both, you can have 4 ranks. The trick comes when you realize that you've got 3 skill points and any skill that would normally be cross-class for a straight fighter still costs 2 skill points.
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